Moot Court Casebook (Hard Copy + Digital Subscription)

The Moot Court Board Casebook provides appellate problems that are ideal for use in moot court competitions and classroom exercises, or as a valuable resource for research on current circuit-splits. The Hard Copy + Digital Subscription of the Casebook provides a printed edition and online access. If you would rather purchase a Digital (Only) Subscription, please go to https://phpprod.law.nyu.edu/jpp/journals/15 Please note: this subscription provides users with one calendar year of online access to all published Casebook problems. New problems are published in December of each year. All users with active subscriptions have access to all Casebook problems published before the user's account activation and any Casebook problems published during the user's activation period. To purchase a Hard Copy + Digital Subscription, please use the "Single Issue" order form below. Select the Volume you would like for your hard copy and CD (keeping in mind that Volume 41 will not be available until December 2017). Next, press the "Order" button (ignore all other fields). Your hard copy will be mailed shortly unless you've opted to receive a hard copy of Volume 41, available in December 2017; your digital subscription will be activated shortly.

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